7th Scientific Congress of the DGAO for Aligner Orthodontics

Achille Farina, Brescia (Italy)

Achille Farina

D.D.S. (University of Milan); “Diplome d’Université d’Orthodontie et Orthopédie Dento et Maxillo-Faciale” (Université de Bourgogne at Dijon); MSD in Orthodontics (University of Cagliari); Advanced Academic Courses in Lingual Orthodontics (University of Cagliari) and in Interceptive Orthodontics (University of Parma). Advanced Course in Edgewise Mechanics “Tweed Foundation”, Tucson (Arizona) and Advanced Course on the Differential Straight Arch Technique “Kesling and Rocke Orthodontic Group”, Westville (Indiana). Adjunct Professor at Ferrara University (2000-2010) currently Faculty Member at Global Institute for Dental Education, Los Angeles (California). First orthodontist in Italy in 2002 to use the Invisalign® appliance, Invisalign® Clinical Speaker and Member of the Align Europe-Clinical Education Council (2003-2007), since then he developed a specific competence in the use of clear aligners on which he has held over 200 courses and lectures around the world.

Efficient Hybrid Aligner Treatment: when and how to use it

We know from the literature that there are some movements that are difficult to achieve with aligners. Among these, significant root movements are probably the most difficult and sometimes aligners are not enough to achieve a satisfactory result or to reach it in a reasonable time. In these cases, the combined use with fixed lingual appliances can be the winning choice to reduce the treatment time and to achieve an optimal clinical correction. An efficient and easy to use preformed customized process will be presented in this lecture.

SATURDAY, March 6th, 2021, 11.30 - 11.50 am