7th Scientific Congress of the DGAO for Aligner Orthodontics

Foreword 2021

Everything stays different ...

What we subsequently present to you can't be described any more appropriate. What stays: Treatment with aligners is still a relatively young orthodontic therapy, which’s former opponents are more and more becoming its users, plus the system is yet developing rapidly. What is really new and applicable in your office can best be discovered at congresses by attending its lectures, but also by contact with its exhibitors. That remains, and probably will always remain.

What is different is, what we invite you to: discover the "the latest and best" in Angle's words with us, but not at a "regular" congress. Because complete capitulation was never an option the board of the German Association for Aligner Orthodontics (DGAO) decided after an extensive e-mail correspondence and many lengthy telephone conferences to change the format of this convention entirely. Unlike in the past, we are entering a new territory with the 1st Virtual DGAO Congress. A new territory yes, but not a pitch of thin ice, because what other societies have achieved, we can at least as good as they did. But we need your help: your registration for this conference, which is not just another Zoom event, but an interactive virtual meeting, i.e., nothing digital can be any more analog than this!

Speaking of support: We thank our very generous industry partners * for their financial support. They are hot to make finally direct contact with you at this congress. There is so much that is different, but - nothing ventured, nothing gained (understanding, insight, experience).

Everything is the same - your/our congress on aligner orthodontics - different is only its format, and we promise that you will profit as you did in the past. But what will it be like in the future? Best answer is a quote by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr: Prediction is very difficult, especially when the future is concerned.


Prof. em. Dr. Rainer-Reginal Miethke
President of the DGAO e.V.


* Align Technology, Ormco and Straumann